24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

24 Hour Blood Pressure MachineHas this ever happened to you? You go to your local pharmacy and check your blood pressure while you’re there. The reading is in the normal range. Yippie!!! But shortly after, you visit your doctor for a check up or physical and you’re blood pressure is high. What happened?

One cause could be what’s called “white-coat hypertension”. Nobody really likes going to the doctor and as a result to general anxiety or uneasiness, your blood pressure increases. This can be frustrating as your doctor my be concerned you have hypertension when in reality it may just be nerves.

More than likely, your doctor is going to want to have you monitor your blood pressure while at home. If he is really concerned about it, he / she may even recommend a 24 hour blood pressure monitor which attaches to your upper arm with a cuff and is powered by a small batter in the waist pack. Approximately every 15 to 30 minutes the blood pressure machine automatically inflates and the results are recorded. Your doctor can then analyze the results on your next visit and see your overall average blood pressure and what times of day your blood pressure is elevated.

Knowing your blood pressure results can help you make adjustments in your life to lower your blood pressure. I personally use and recommend a home blood pressure machine. There are a number of different types of blood pressure machines for sale that you can check out here. Be sure to read the consumer reviews and look for the features that best fit your body type and lifestyle.


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